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I like elegance. I like art nouveau; a stretched line or curve. These things are very much in the foreground of my work

-H. R. Giger


Line graphs with dual y-axis

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Mankind invented a system to cope with the fact that we are so intrinsically louse at manipulating numbers. It’s called the graph. — Charlie Munger


Line Graphs

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The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

-Henry Thoreau

Pie Charts

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Open your eyes and see the beauty!

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One of the secrets of successful living is found in the word balance, referring to the avoidance of harmful extremes.

James C. Dobson


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If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. — W. Edward Deming

Approaches for handling imbalance

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Balance is the key to everything — Koi Fresco

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The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation. — Jeff Hawkins

Image processing : Basics

#read the image
image = cv.imread('traffic.jpeg')
#define percentage for scaling the image (resolution changes)
percentage = 50
#calculate width and height of image according to percentage


“Go down deep into anything and you will find mathematics.” — Dean Schlicter

Dataset Details

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A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.

-Wesley Ruggles

Insights on Modern Computation

A Communal initiative by Meghana Kshirsagar (BDS| Lero| UL, Ireland), Gauri Vaidya (Intern|BDS). Each concept is followed with sample datasets and Python codes.

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